Monday, November 24, 2008

All Hail The Almighty Princess! and.. her underlings.

My name is Candy. I am a Princess. Apart from my full-time job, I am also part time Shih Tzu part time Lhasa Apso, gianted sized but having a great figure at 7kg! (M: Actually she was supposed to be Shih Tzu but no one knows for sure).

This is the beauuutiful Me:

(Dont I look simply smashing?)

I simply love bossing my three brothers around. My family simply lovesss to spoil me. I get ALL the toys in the house. (M: You don't. But you simply like to think so.)

Umm, lets skip the toys. I also have great food to eat everyday! I'll tell you all about that some other day.

But first, let me proudly introduce my three brothers!

This is my sweet Big Brother Apollo the Golden Retriever:

He is simply the gentlest dog you will ever meet. I remember during puphood, I climbed on top of him and chewed on his ears and he simply let me! Oh yeah, not forgetting the times I nipped on his legs, boy, was he angry! But no, he didnt bite me! All he did was let me off after letting me look inside his mouth for three seconds. (M: Apollo actually put her entire head inside his mouth but didnt bite. He just wanted her to stop biting.)

This is my handsome Tinker-boy:

A Miniature Schnauzer who lives with D! Although we dont see him everyday, we get loads of chances to catch up when D brings him over to play! See his black shiny coat? Well, he is Dark Salt and Pepper, and D regularly handstrips him. Okay i know, not too black yet but hey! He is still young! His Kennel name is Joquinn Greatest Wonder, aptly named as D thinks he IS the Greatest Wonder, not ME! I wonder why the rest of us dont have kennel names? (M: Well its because I lost Apollo's and Kola's ex owner didnt pass me his. You dont have a pedigree.)

And well.. thats the end of the intro.

Oh yeah right, there is the Black One as well. His name is Kola and occasionally he forgets his place and tries to challenge me for the Throne! Can you imagine that? But of course, I ALWAYS get the best of him, even though he is slightly bigger!

PS: This ugly peekture is specially chosen by Yours Truly. Doesnt he look so horrible after hydrotherapy? I'll tell you ALL about it another day.

He is a Miniature Poodle M brought home because he was about to be sent to the SPCA to be put to sleep, thanks to his evil ex owner who cruelly abandoned him.

Well, I got to take a Royal Nap now. Catch ya soon!