Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Barkdays!

Ahem, sorry for the late update. Apollo and I were enjoying our barkday with M and D. As you know, we both have the same barkday although some do not believe it!

Apollo's ex-owner told M his barkday, and my barkday was written on my vaccination card! That day issssss: 21st February!

After M came home, we saw her take out the box and packet. This is D's present to us. We smelt FOOOD, but it wasnt the usual kind like our natural raw diet. We still thought it smelt good though.

A close up of the packet. It turned out to be Lamb Pizza Crisps! And Auntie E from No Bones About gave us one extra! We love her! Thank you Auntie E!

A Cakie was in the Boxie! It was an apple cake with dried apricots and cranberries specially added in for US! M loves to give us extra fruits.

Dividing the cake....

Life is SO UNFAIR! Look what I got, compared to Apollo!

I only had ONE pizza crisp, Apollo had THREE!

Let the eating begin!

M giving me a piece of cake. And look at the greedy monster behind!

I think he is having hallucinations! When the cake is going in MY mouth, he opens his too!

Pigging out.

By the time Apollo was finished, I still had THIS much cake left.

M feeding Apollo.


M's favourite pic of the day:

M: Awwww, this melts my heart.

Oh yes, we forgot to mention. M says that our presents this year would be our clicker training courses. She seems to love clicker, or rather, marker training! And we love it too cause we understand it now and the click means REWARDS!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notice: Blog Name Change

Helloooo Peeps!

After the 3 rascals and our parents had a discussion, we have decided to change our name to include our respected and beloved Biggie Sister Cocoa! So from now on, we'll be known as:

The FIVE Rascals!

Thats right! FIVE and dont you forget it.

We thought it was the right decision to make since Kola has joined her in Doggie Heaven, and told us she may feel left out.

Candy & the two other rascals.

*PS: Since our blog name has changed, our email will change too. So please send stuff to our NEW email! (Although the old one will still be in operation in case some mail gets lost.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today M brought me out! It was a special occasion because its not very often I get to go out with her and D ALONE! I mean, without any other canines (Apollo & Tinker).

We met trainer J, who trained us (M and I) using the Clicker Training Method. I'm not sure about the mechanics, but all i know was whenever i heard the Click i got rewarded. It sure works for me!

Trainer J was very nice and friendly, she even gave me a few cuddles! But M was surprised that i did not want food from J, she thought I was a greedy PIG! Like hello M! I'm not Apollo..

We really enjoyed this training session, and will be back for more!

Wonderful ME getting a treat from M.

M waited for me to get distracted before calling me! How devious!

Eyeing the TREAT! Yummie!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tinker: My Second BarkDay!

Helllooo Hooo-mans and Woofies alike! This is Tinker here again, reporting from D's house.

We had a tiring day! I am happy that this year D was around to celebrate my birthday. We went to M's house and played with Apollo, Candy and Auntie F! However, I wasn't too happy when D gave me a smacking for being naughty to Candy. =(

Welllll, on the bright side, he bought me a big beautiful cake from US Doggie Bakery. There were a few hiccups - the cake was wrong, came late and we were charged the wrong price, but the kind baker and driver has sorted it out with M. We all agreed to overlook the wrong cake thing since the cake was already here and we couldnt wait to dig in!

My Delicious Cakie Wakie! Yummieee!

We were supposed to have the cake with fresh strawberries, but oh well. Even the Hooo-mans ate the cake and thought it was quite good!

M said that Apollo could only eat a little little bit, but D didn’t listen! It made M frown a little, but Apollo boy was so happy!

See the icing on Apollo boy's nose?

Candy was acting high class and only wanted the cake when it came with a lot of icing.

I ate A LOT and I LOVE IT!! Here is a peekture of me eating:

I got so messy that D had to bathe me after that! Hoho.

Anyway, I came to a conclusion that BarkDays should be celebrated 365 days a year. I know it is impossible, but its not too bad, 10 days till Apollo & Candy's BarkDay and another cake will be coming!