Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today M brought me out! It was a special occasion because its not very often I get to go out with her and D ALONE! I mean, without any other canines (Apollo & Tinker).

We met trainer J, who trained us (M and I) using the Clicker Training Method. I'm not sure about the mechanics, but all i know was whenever i heard the Click i got rewarded. It sure works for me!

Trainer J was very nice and friendly, she even gave me a few cuddles! But M was surprised that i did not want food from J, she thought I was a greedy PIG! Like hello M! I'm not Apollo..

We really enjoyed this training session, and will be back for more!

Wonderful ME getting a treat from M.

M waited for me to get distracted before calling me! How devious!

Eyeing the TREAT! Yummie!

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