Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life of a Puppymill Bitch

A bitch (female dog) in a cage so cramped that she can't stand up straight. She has never seen daylight. Covered in her own faeces, she wonders what her purpose in life is..

Footsteps approach. The rusty cage door swings open and two greedy hands reach out for her. She is nearly choked to death as the man holds her up by the chain on her neck.

She is brought to another place. There stood a male dog. Same breed, same condition. This was her purpose in life. To breed and give birth to as many puppies as possible. Puppies which she would never see again after they were weaned. Puppies - some were lucky enough to find a good home, others would suffer the same fate as their parents.

Have you bought from a pet shop or farm? The parents of YOUR puppy were most likely suffering this fate.

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