Monday, October 26, 2009

Pet Groomer Jailed for Hitting Dog

PET groomer Sun Hu was jailed two weeks for using a clipper to hit a dog last month.

The three-year-old Maltese terrier died of head injuries while still on the grooming table.

A district court heard on Friday that Sun, 24, had been working for a year at the Strawberry Pet Shop in Corporation Road in Jurong.

On Sept 13, Mr Deva Rajan Kamalasanan, 47, brought his pet, Junior, to the shop for grooming. About 30 minutes later, he received a phone call telling him that his pet had died.

A post-mortem by the Veterinary Pathology Branch of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) revealed that the dog had been hit on the head.

The maximum punishment is a $10,000 fine and a year in jail.

Finally, justice is served for Junior's family. The pain Junior's people went through must have really hurt.. No one can understand that better than M.

Hopefully this would be a deterrent for other dubious groomers.

As a groomer, M knows it can be frustrating to groom dogs sometimes. But under NO circumstances should you abuse a dog. A light hit on the bum will not kill a dog, the killer would have to deal a greater blow. Please becareful when bringing your dogs to groomers outside.

The main reason M learnt grooming was so that she could groom us. Thankfully..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A cruelty free lifestyle

Now that we have seen the light, we are embarking towards a 100% cruelty free lifestyle.

We know that we aren't vegans or even vegetarian, but to us, a diet with meat is inevitable. However, even while being meat-eaters, there are some other ways in which we could help animals and the environment.

1. Do not buy animal-tested products/ingredients.

Sure sure.. the argument goes "if you don't test it on animals, how do you know its safe?!". And the answer: TEST IT ON YOURSELF!

After going all natural, M found out that many natural products and their ingredients are not tested on animals but indeed, the inventors of those products test on themselves and family with great results!

For example, the natural soap M always gets hold of is tested by their inventors. Only after reaping great results does the soap go on sale. Some products just work too well on humans and thus get used on pets!

This "animal testing" is different from what we've mentioned above. The products are used by humans and thereafter given to animals when its proven to be useful.

Animal tested products and ingredients involve the cruel confinement of animals (eg. rats, dogs, etc) in cages in laboratories and applying harsh chemicals on the animals' skin, eyes, etc. These chemicals have most likely not been tested for safety in anyway and potentially harm or kill the animal.

2. Use only ALL Natural

ALL Natural meaning no synthetic anything.

We prefer essential oils to fragrances, not only do they smell wonderful, they have aromatherapeutic values as well!

We do not buy products with coloring as it is simply too unnecessary! Why pay more and harm your health and the environment just because of the color? Appreciate Nature as is!

3. Choose Packaging Wisely

Many companies have Corporate Social Responsiblity campaigns now. Look out for them and support companies who support the Environment.

Also, the main reason we use natural soap bars as opposed to natural shampoo is due to the fact that we save a plastic bottle from being manufactured (Greenhouse gases) and from the landfill.

4. Change your buying habits

Firstly, if you don't need it, don't buy it! That in itself is reducing the waste you'd produce.

Secondly, buy local whenever possible. Although it may be hard to do so in Singapore, small things help. Local and organic would be the win+win situation.

Thirdly, reduce the number of trips you make (especially when driving a car) by buying a week's worth of grocery, or a month's worth if the produce could keep that long.

Think Green, and you will naturally be Green. Do let us know if you have more suggestions as well by commenting!

Animal Communication

We were introduced to this by M's customer and silly M did not know that we can all communicate via telepathy!

M's animal communicator and now her mentor has told her many things about us and we feel happier now as we are understood.

M is now a practicing animal communicator who is making progress. She would love to do this as a career, but its still a loooong looong way to go.. Stay tuned for more updates!