Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Natural Treatment for Mange and Ringworm

It has been a long long time since we've last posted. We were just too busy with life, and not to mention M's online store is rapidly expanding!

We would like to share with our doggie friends a natural treatment for Mange and Ringworm.

Firstly, M has been scouting for a long time, and found out that her long time friend V, actually sold an Oil that is good for that! M calls it Healthy Skin Oil (for the lack of a better name), as it is not only good for Mange or Ringworm but also itchy skin (yes, we've tried it!).

M was speaking to V about managing Mange and Ringworm recently for a Mange case, and was introduced to C, a friend in the land of far far away that deals with many cases of Mange each day!

Here is what C recommended:

For Sarcoptic Mange, you would need to use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (we've posted on this before!) and a great natural cleaner to bust mites all around the environment as it is contagious.

Sarcoptic Mange will cause loads of itch and irritation on humans, so wash everything the dog has come into contact with, with hot water and in the hottest setting of a dryer if possible.

For Demodectic Mange, add Neem Bark Powder into the meals of the dog, as it is caused by a weak immune system.

As neem is a powerful contraceptive, it will make the mites sterile so you only deal with the mites you have now, and not more in future. Do not forget the raw diet as well - this is IMPORTANT!

For Ringworm, use the Healthy Skin Oil 2-3 times a day and clean the environment with a natural anti-fungal disinfectant such as Colloidal Silver. Wash the affected area once a day with soap and water as well!

We hope furbies with Mange or Ringworm will get well ASAP with this!