Thursday, January 8, 2009

We'll post if you have any Animal Welfare or Adoption issues!

Our family has agreed to help anyone in need of spreading the word!

About Animal Welfare Issues

If you have an animal welfare issue to bring up, eg. Cruelty in Puppymills (which we'll be doing soon), feel free to email us.

Be sure to add in supporting evidence (pictures, videos, statements, references). We'll do some research about it and post it up once its done!

About Rehoming An Animal

If you are rehoming an animal friend, please email us with all the details listed below, preferbly with a picture. We'll do a post for you as well!

The ONLY condition to spreading the word is that you are not SELLING the animal, but rehoming it for no cost.

If you wish to set an adoption fee, you have to explain what the money is for, and where it goes to. Receipts of defraying vet bills etc MUST be given to us for publishing, and we will NOT post if there is even a cent of profit involved. If anyone has given us proof that you are profiteering, we will delete your post immediately.

Also, you are advised to let the adoptor sign an adoption contract and make it compulsory to sterilize an intact animal.

Details which MUST be given:

Gender: Neutered Male/Intact Male/Spayed Female/Intact Female
Reason for being given up:
Good with kids:
Good with other dogs:
Good with other animals:
Dog's temperament:
Dog's problems:
Ideal Owner:
Ideal Home:
Other info:

How are you related to the dog: Owner/fosterer etc

*You can also leave a comment after you sent an email to remind us to look it over.

Good luck!

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