Monday, December 29, 2008

Join this facebook group!

M decided to login FaceBook today as she rarely did, because there were a few requests.

She found this group that donated $10 to SPCA with every 1000 members. People with facebook, please join! Every cent makes a difference to our poor animal friends in SPCA. Kola-la was once in SPCA and nearly sent back until M took him in by the way.

The group's link is:

Anyway she found a real nice quote there, credited to

Why we should be vegetarian and save animals...

the question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?
-Jeremy Bentham

We realise in our lives that there are many who love animals, but even more who do not view them as an equal. M's cousin ever asked M why she bothered spending so much time and money on us. We are afterall, 'just dogs'.

M was unhappy with the comment. (M: They are my kids, my family. We do not treat family as an inferior species.)

Lastly, M hopes that those who dont think that animals are worth a damn, can jump off a bridge and die. She says that if a person does not have compassion for animals, how can he have compassion for humans?

For humans who think they are superior to us dogs, or other species, please reconsider your stand. A life is a life isn't it? Humans have subjected many animals to different kinds of torture - killing cats and dogs, hunting elephants for their ivory tusks, and others for their skin. Is this really necessary?

Remember, dogs have and will continue to help humans in their daily lives, including saving others. One day, our canine brother may save your life.

There are alot of things on our minds, which we wish to blog about but right now we are feeling very tired about all that has happened. We'll continue on this soon!

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