Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bach Flower Essences

Awhile ago, M ordered some Bach Flower Essences for us. She says it'll help with our emotional well-being whatever that means. Do note that these flower essences are made and can be used for humans.

These are what she bought:

Rescue Remedy: Made from five Flower Essences: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. Helps relieve stress.

Vine: Allows you to be a leader without being domineering.

Chicory: Allows you to love someone without being possessive.

Holly: Encourages a forgiving and generous nature.

She also bought Olive for D. There is a service in Singapore where they custom blend Flower Essences for you too if you wish, but M imported these directly from Far Far Away so she blends them herself. M thinks that they are good for dogs that are emotionally troubled, so be sure to check this out! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it worked with us.. At least M thinks it did.