Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kola-la is home again!

M and D brought Kola back home today.

They burnt (M: Cremated!) Kola at Tengoku ( instead of at Mount Pleasant as M decided she couldnt wait till Monday.

The people at Mount Pleasant were nice this time, and even wrapped up Kola's body nicely, which M was grateful for.

Sam from Tengoku was very nice and understanding as well when he spoke over the phone with M. When M and D, together with Uncle H, brought Kola to the farm, the Tengoku guy, Ah Teng, recognized D! It turns out that they were staying in the same building block. (M: She means the same block of flats.)

After the ceremony, Uncle Ah Teng even brought the ashes back to D's place because he knew M wanted it by today.

Kola-la is finally home, M seems a little happier although she still cries sometimes. Apollo and I are at a loss. We don't know how to console M. We know how much she loves Kola, and us. We miss Kola too, although we don't really show it.

M: Thank you so much, Ling, Ah Teng and Sam. Special thanks to D for being with me all this awhile too, and H, loving my dogs so much.

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