Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our All Natural Herbal Remedies

Previously I've mentioned that M ordered some remedies for our Angelic Kola from Far Far Away.

They arrived only today, and since St Kola isnt around to use them, M gives them to us!

She bought quite a few remedies, among them, Life Cell Support and Vibactra.

As Life Cell Support can be used to detox the body and enhance the immune system, M doses us with the recommended feeding, and OH MY DOG! THEY TASTE BITTERRRR!!

And trust me, Vibactra doesnt taste any better! But M insists that we take them because of our skin problems. These are natural remedies made of organic herbs, thus M is happy to use them on us.

It is too early to see any results, but M seems to love these products. In fact she is so happy that she is bringing in many more of these products, for tummy, heart, kidney, blahblahblah. C'mon M! These are borrrrrringgggg.

(M: Apollo is not young anymore, so i hope to have these remedies on standby rather than panic and import them. Most people may not trust these products but i spoke to and trust the person who helped formulate some of them.

Many people prefer to leave illnesses and diseases to the vets, I wish I could too. But I've seen for myself the effectiveness of traditional medicine, when Cocoa passed away, when Kola followed thereafter, when my hamsters and rabbits died one by one. Since the vets cannot save them anyway, I have nothing to lose by trying these remedies.

Apollo's skin problem recovered fully only after going natural by the way.)

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