Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Yum Yums

I overheard M chatting with her friend, and she mentioned that she would be changing some of part of our diet into organic because of the Black One's recent liver disease. She thinks that Organic is the way to go, so that Apollo, Tinker and I wouldnt get caught by the Liver Disease Monster. I told her that only Black dogs will get caught by the Monster, since the Black One is well, Black. But she says no, that isnt true.

Our yum yums will be listed here from now on. (M: This is just what they'll have generally, not specifically for every meal. That will be in a later post.)

Our Main Diet:

1. Raw Meat & Bones - M said that it will cost too much to change our diet entirely into Organic, but she'll try to convert most of it or at least use free range meats if possible.

These are some of the stuff we eat:

  • Free Range Lamb Kidney

  • Free Range Lamb Heart

  • Free Range Lamb Liver

  • Free Range Veal Liver

  • Free Range Veal Heart

  • Free Range Empress Chicken (Whole)

  • Free Range Chicken Carcass

  • Organic Beef

  • Organic Chicken Breast

  • Lamb

  • Mutton

  • Game Hen

  • Lamb Shanks

  • Salmon

  • Cod

  • Beef Lungs

  • Beef Liver

    • Young Organic Chicken, for us and grand-ma!

      Free Range Lamb Heart

      Free Range Beef Marrow Bones

      Free Range Veal Bones

      Free Range Veal Heart

      Free Range Veal Liver

      2. Veggie Blend - M has always bought Organic veggies for us to eat, and they are deeeeeelicious. We eat almost any kind of veggie, RAW. That includes but is not limited to carrots, cabbage, butterheads, xiao bai cai, nai bai, french beans, and many many more!

      3. Yogurt - As some of you may know, M makes yogurt for us herself, with the help of some bacteria. All along she used normal cows milk from the supermarket to make our Yoggie, but from now she is only going to use Organic Milk.

      Organic Yogurt stored in a glass airtight tupperware

      4. Goats Milk - I love this the most as I get the MOST! It is not organic as far as we know, but its fresh from the farm.

      5. Organic Thorvin Icelandic Kelp - M bought this from far far away, it is said to be full of trace elements.

      Organic Thorvin Icelandic Kelp
      6. Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - M bought this together with the Kelpie, mainly to kill our Tickies, and it worked! She also feeds us some of this white stuff sometimes to kill something inside us. She calls them worms.

      Organic Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth

      7. Bovine Colostrum - From Newwwww Zealand, it is the first food of all beings! Even you humans! M said that it boosts our immune system and so we must have it with every meal, because our constitution isnt very good. WE LOVE THE TASTE!! YEY!

      Our Yummy Bovine Colostrum

      As for our Treats, M dehydrates them herself! And occasionally she bakes muffins, cookies or whatever she feels like. Her latest creation was Carob Cookies. The picture will b e up soon!

      Dehydrated Omasum (the 3rd stomach of the cow)

      Dehydrated Lean Pork

      Dehydrated Mutton Sukiyaki

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