Thursday, December 25, 2008

Run To The Other Side Of The Rainbow Bridge, Kola

M: This Christmas, Kola woke me up at 0530 with his whines. His stomach was bloated again.

Both of us rushed down to MP Hospital as that was the only vet open, and he was put on drip. Doctor suspected something was wrong with his pancreas although blood tests showed it was ok.

At 8am, the other vet came in and did the ultrasound for Kola. They suspected telescoping of the intestines (where one part of the intestine sucked the other part in) and found pus in Kola's stomach. That means an infection in the stomach, and also the telescoped part of the intestines will have to be cut off. The stomach has to be opened to be cleaned and drained of the pus and gas as well. Chances of survival were 50/50 with the op, and 0% without the op. He would die today without the op. We gave the go ahead.

1230, the vet called me. Bad news. They found a tumour in Kola's pancreas. It was pressing against the stomach, intestine and liver - which is why he had pus, bloat and liver problems. He had cancer of the pancreas.

The vet said with the most intense antibiotics and medicine, he could last another two days at most. We saw the tumour, 1/4 of it. It was the size of a big meatball, i couldnt imagine such a big lump inside him, he went for tests last week! How come nobody knew?

We all could see his suffering.. It would be selfish to make him hold on for our sake.. We decided to let him go. We decided to let him go to a place where there is no suffering anymore, where he doesnt have to compete with other dogs, get hated by humans. A place without starvation, without hatred and cruelty. Without pain and suffering.

To Kola:

My dear Kola, I'm really sorry. For the past 10months we were together, I tried to give you the best. I know you were jealous of Apollo and Candy, but at least you had a place to call Home. For the past 5 years of your life, you were bounced from place to place because you bit people. You raided rubbish bins and fought with other dogs. But at long last, you were home.

Now, you dont have to suffer anymore. You dont have to endure the pain in your tummy, the pain that no one knew you were going through. You dont have to compete for attention, dont have to get scolded for stealing food.. Just run over the rainbow bridge, look for familiar faces. You can look for your sister Cocoa if you wish.

On Monday, you will be cremated and we will bring your ashes back, to our home. I love you Kola. I always did.

Thank you my dear, for waiting for me. For giving me the chance to say one last goodbye to you.

Yours and Forever,

To my Mom: Thank you for giving me your support through this period. I know times are bad, but you willingly forked out the money to go ahead with his treatment although you knew chances are slim because you wanted to save him. I love you Mom.

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