Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Grooming Tools

M thinks that grooming is very important, thats why she signed on for a professional grooming course almost three years ago. Now she grooms us herself, and with the help of D.

M & D both think that we should be as close to the breed standard as possible, and do not encourage shaving. We'll talk about that later on, but for now here are our grooming tools.

The Green brush is our Les Poochs Pro Brush with medium bristles and a soft flex. As it is double sided, and can be bent, M loves to use this to brush us as she says that it can dematt easily.

The Yellow brush is our Les Poochs Soft Bristle brush, M thought that this would be good for my delicate coat but she now prefers the Green brush as she says that my coat is so thick so a lil breakage wont hurt =(

The two steel combs you see are the Chris Christensen Buttercombs.

The one on the left is the 7.5inch long tooth comb, M says that it is great because it can reach allll the way down to the skin when she combs me.

It is important to comb all the way from the root so that the hair does not matt at the root. Some people only brush the surface. The hair may look ok, but if the root is matted, sooner or later the whole body of fur will be too. And dematting is PAINNNNFULLLLLL.

The comb on the right is the Poodle Comb, M said that she loves to fluff Kola up with this comb.

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