Wednesday, December 31, 2008

M's letter to Kola


Less than 6 days have passed since you left me, I still remember the first day I met you.

It was at my grooming instructor's pet shop. You were there for grooming. I still cant forget the way your eyes shone, how you wanted to jump on to me, despite the situation you were in. Did you even understand how much trouble you were in? Or were you still happy because you knew someone would save you.

You could say the reason I opened my heart to you was partly becaused you reminded me of Cocoa. But i knew you were different. You may be the same breed, same color even, but you look worlds apart to me. Your personalities were like chalk and cheese.

Still, I decided that you should not die because of a human. I was determined to rescue you. We tried so hard to find you a nice home. There were so many applications i rejected because I knew they were not the right ones. Just when I thought I got you the best home, you bit their kids. Not once, not twice. Many times. Once you even bit your M at that time. Despite them trying, you just didnt seem to behave.

Auntie J took you back for boarding and wanted your ex-M to pay the bill. Up to this day I still remember her SMSes. She told me to bring you to SPCA and that she will never part with a cent for you. She even scolded me for SMSing as it cost 5cents, as opposed to the FREE email. I couldnt believe it. It was your life we were talking about and she wanted to save 5cents and spend more time emailing?

D took you home again, because Auntie J refused to keep you without being paid. We tried so hard to accomodate you, but obviously D's place wasnt big enough to accomodate two dogs. Chinese New Year was coming... I pleaded to bring you back home.

"Until D comes back", I told your Grand-Mommy.

Days passed since D landed in Sunny Island again, slowly months slipped away. At times Grand-Mommy got angry with you, so did Grand-Daddy. It was because you bit people.. And not to mention, fought with Candy and bullied Apollo. The house was topsy turvy with you.

I pleaded with them, and they relented. Actually, deep down inside, I know that they miss the topsy turvy you turned this house into as well. It is so quiet now Kola...

We really miss you so. People keep telling me, that you are in a better place now. You dont need to suffer. You wouldnt want to see me like this. You would want me to move on.

I know all these, but letting go isn't easy. I know that it wasn't easy for you to let go as well.. Especially since you finally got Home.

I will live on happily, I promise you. I just need time... I will get over the grief, but i will never stop loving you.

More than two years have passed since Cocoa left me, I still think about her everyday. And now, i will think of both of you... And see you in my dreams.

Goodbye Kola, run free. Remember, I love you.

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