Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thankiew to Velvet (aka Birdy) and Auntie I!

Hello Peeps! This is Tinker Boy here. Candy let me use the blog as a birthday present (although i understand it is supposed to be OUR blog).

This pre-birthday post is specially for me to say:

THANK YOU Auntie I and Birdy for my birthday gift! YEY YEY YEY!

It's the first time I got a surprise present! I cant wait to see what it is, M won't let me open it till tomorrow!

PS: We are trying to upload the picture but there just seems to be a problem =(

Anyways, you'll get to see the OPENED gift tomorrow! I cant wait! I heard there will be goodies such as cake, which we only eat once or twice a year because its not very healthy. While D doesnt mind feeding me more of such stuff, M is very strict with Apollo and Candy. HAHA!

Update: Here is my gift from Auntie I and Vel-bird!

My Toy And I!

I love it!

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