Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our New Lil Black Yuckie Pill

M had a package today. It was FULL of boxes that didn't smell too good, but we were still curious.

It turned out to be some little black pill that tasted yuckie! She forced Apollo and I to take one each, and even said that if it works well she'll be ordering again. I cant imagine how something that yuckie will work WELL. I mean, if its yuckie its not good for health isn't it?

Anyways, the label said Thera Neem Supercritical CO2 Extract of Neem. As usual, M ordered it from the land of far far away.

It is made with certified organic neem leaves and is known for its broad spectrum activity and antioxidant benefits. M gives us this to boost our immune system and clear up any skin problems as well. Neem is great, according to her. The only grouse is the smell.. BUT the neem capsules doesnt smell THAT bad.


M managed to trick Apollo into eating this yucky pill! I mean, i know we willingly eat our glucosamine supplements cause they are so tasty, but this is pushing the limit! It smells like well, neem. And it tastes like neem as well! (M: thats really cause its neem.)

Now Apollo eats the pills willingly everyday. Sheesh. Well, i'm sure M is NOT gonna trick me into doing it. (M: No eat, no treat)

M: Training Apollo to willingly eat supplements is great. Force feeding him is so tough because i have to stuff my entire hand into his mouth to get one pill down his throat. It doesnt help when he manages to spit them out all the time. I hope that Candy can pick this up soon too!