Thursday, March 12, 2009


Every Wednesday for the past few weeks, M has been bringing Apollo out. Worst still, she doesn't bring ME along! Both of them will not tell me where they have been going or what they have been doing! I am ANGRY!

M: Its a surprise Apollo and I have been working on. Stay tuned! It'll be out in the next few weeks (or maybe a month or two.)

Apollo: Woof! I've been getting LOADS of yummies every week when M brings me out. Oh yes, have I mentioned, M is also clicker training me, not only Candy!

M: Initially I wasn't very fond of the idea of clicker training, but now that I've tried it, I can say i'm surprised how fast they learn with a clicker or a marker. Although i dont believe in a 100% positive non-confrontational training, this has been really working very well. I doubt i'll introduce corrections at this point unless they become too stubborn.

Apollo is a really soft dog, and even though marker training doesnt warrant corrections, I agree with Ed Frawley's stand that dogs who know the command but do not want to do what they are being told should be corrected. As for Candy, she learns pretty quick and is eager to please when there is a reward awaiting her, so we'll see. Updates to come soon!

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