Friday, May 22, 2009

Gentle Buddy Boy for Adoption

Buddy boy is up for adoption again =( We hope he'll find a forever home now..


Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mixed Breed (He is quite big in size, weighing almost 35kg. Despite his size, he is very gentle)

Name: Buddy

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Reason for Being Given Up: Owner faced with family problem

Good with Children: Yes, very patient and gentle with small kids (Owner has a baby and 2 toddlers, and Buddy always allow them to snatch his toys, lie on him and even ride on him)

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with other animals: Yes, he always run up to neighbor’s home to play with their rabbit.

Dog's Temperament: Very Tame, Sweet Temperament, Obedient, Gentle, not barkish and very patient

Dog's Problems: Had his tail docked off when he was found as a puppy (because someone tied a rubberband ard his tail) and when found, needs to be amputated. He is scared of having his nails cut.

More Information:
Buddy had been up for adoption a few times- not because he is aggressive, not because he is disobedient, and definitely not because he is hard to teach. In fact, he is a very gentle giant who is tame, obedient and takes in very well to dogs and small kids (look at his video and you will realize how tame and patient he is with kids, even small kids). The only thing that is not right would be his fate. He had been rehomed a few times not because the owners want to get rid of him, but because of all the circumstances happening at home which eventually does not allow them to keep Buddy.

Living a life of a roller coaster, having ups and downs, Buddy is still living his life with a smile. After searching for so long, Buddy boy thought he had finally found a forever home with his current owner. But sometimes unfortunate things just happen, as his owner is having some problem with the family and is forced to put buddy up for adoption.

Buddy is a big dog with a big heart. He is a giant but with a heart of gold. He is patient, obedient, tame and loyal. He will just give in his all to love you, and all he is asking for is someone to promise to take care and love him till his very last breath. Look beyond the surface and you will find something so special about him that is worthy for you to have him. He didn’t have a choice to live his life like this, but you have a choice that will make a difference to him by letting him be part of your life to bring you joy and laughter for many years to come.

Buddy still have many good years to come. To have him with you, I can assure you that he will bring you joy for as long as he live – only laughter, no sadness.

Ideal Owner: Someone who can see beyond his size, and appreciate his sweet lovely temperament and willing to love and take good care of him for the rest of his life

Ideal Home: Family with lots of love for him

Member putting up this adoption notice: Rescuer

Contact: 90600810

Adoption Fee: NIL

Go to to see more pictures and a video of Buddy playing with children.

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