Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Blog is Featured!

The Greyhound Companions of New Mexico (GCNM) has featured our blog in their bi-seasonal newsletter!

We didn't expect our blog to be featured because we did the Greyhound Stories (see below) but it was a pleasant surprise when Judy Paulsen, President of the GCNM emailed us. All that's said, we're just happy to help the greyhounds.

Their newsletter touches on many Greyhound issues from racing to rescue to health issues and even features (ones like ours and even more!)

Anyway, here's what they wrote about The 5 Rascals.


Singapore Animal Welfare Advocate Blogs for Greyhounds

The plight of the racing greyhound reaches around the world and a visit to http://the5rascals.blogspot.com/2009/01/about-greyhound-racing-adoption-and.html is proof of this! Singaporean, Nicole Han has never been to the United States, but she is well aware of the crisis surrounding the American racing greyhound.

Sensitive to issues related to animals in general, Nicole even blogs about saving the whale shark! But you can tell her heart is with the greyhounds by the extent of research she has done. Greyhound Companions of New Mexico is prominently featured in her blog as well as other greyhound welfare groups working to end the suffering of the racing greyhound. Visit Nicole’s blog for a concise review of greyhound information she has accumulated from various reputable sources.

Thanks, Nicole, for partnering with us to educate the public on the plight of the racing greyhound.


To read the entire GCNM newsletter, go to:
GCNM Newsletter Spring & Summer 2009

Read the two stories we did on greyhounds:

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