Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Truth About Vaccinations

We do NOT get vaccinated. Not now, not ever.

Vaccinations are highly recommended by many vets in Singapore (and other parts of the world too). They work by introducing a weakened form of the disease you are being vaccinated against (eg. rabies). Thereafter, the body will produce antibodies to fight this weakened 'disease' and this response will prepare the body for the real McCoy in a limited timeframe (usually 1-3 years).

However what most vets do not tell you is that by vaccinating, there is a chance that you/your furkid will contract the disease vaccinated against.

Our Dr E said so himself when explaining vaccinations to M.

Also, Dr Pitcairn has mentioned in his book (Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats):

"Besides the possibility that they [vaccinations] may not work, vaccines might also cause an acute disease or a chronic health problem."
This is especially true when the immune system is already not at its best (eg. when sick, weak, stressed, too young, or when the dog's immune system has been surpressed by previous disease or drug therapy (including steroids & anti-biotics)).

So, what our family recommends is to save your money and buy more foodies for your furbies! NATURAL foodies please!

PS: its 3am now and we cant think straight, thus this article is not completed yet.

Credits: Dr Pitcairn


billiejean said...

We do not get vaccinated for 4-5 years already. Yea, we don't like the needles...

Billie Jean

Nyx said...

Great job Billie Jean! Not vaccinating not only helps with the immune system it also give us more money to spend on giving them all natural foods!