Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Barkdays!

Ahem, sorry for the late update. Apollo and I were enjoying our barkday with M and D. As you know, we both have the same barkday although some do not believe it!

Apollo's ex-owner told M his barkday, and my barkday was written on my vaccination card! That day issssss: 21st February!

After M came home, we saw her take out the box and packet. This is D's present to us. We smelt FOOOD, but it wasnt the usual kind like our natural raw diet. We still thought it smelt good though.

A close up of the packet. It turned out to be Lamb Pizza Crisps! And Auntie E from No Bones About gave us one extra! We love her! Thank you Auntie E!

A Cakie was in the Boxie! It was an apple cake with dried apricots and cranberries specially added in for US! M loves to give us extra fruits.

Dividing the cake....

Life is SO UNFAIR! Look what I got, compared to Apollo!

I only had ONE pizza crisp, Apollo had THREE!

Let the eating begin!

M giving me a piece of cake. And look at the greedy monster behind!

I think he is having hallucinations! When the cake is going in MY mouth, he opens his too!

Pigging out.

By the time Apollo was finished, I still had THIS much cake left.

M feeding Apollo.


M's favourite pic of the day:

M: Awwww, this melts my heart.

Oh yes, we forgot to mention. M says that our presents this year would be our clicker training courses. She seems to love clicker, or rather, marker training! And we love it too cause we understand it now and the click means REWARDS!!


Big-Girlicious said...

Wah..always have yummy food to eat!!!!

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

i bet ur mommy stole (ate) ur stuffs too!!!

Nyx said...

birdee my M isnt as evil as your mom!!

*birdee* the alpha miniature schnauzer bitch said...

R U SURE?!?!?!!?! I DUN TINK SOOOOO..................