Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Poem To Kola-la

M wrote this poem for our beloved Kola-la. We really miss him so.

A Poem To Kola

You came to me, as a homeless.
We tried to find you a home,
Although there were many who were heartless.
We knew you didn't want to be alone.

Thus we brought you back.
In the morning, you would wake me up.
Before you raided the rubbish for your daily snack.
At night, you would lie just like a pup.

There were good times and bad times.
At times, you bit, fought and scratched.
But you would also win hearts with your whines.
I thought you and I were the perfect match!

Everyday you would wake me,
By scratching at the door to go out.
When your antics, no one would see,
You would sit there and just pout.

Christmas Eve, I remember,
You running about greeting guests,
How I wish that moment would last forever,
For now, all i think about is your zest.

When I received the call,
I remember my heart beating faster.
They said you had no chance at all,
because of the dreaded cancer.

I asked to see you again,
I wanted to say goodbye.
But when I saw you in so much pain,
All I could do was cry.

When your time came,
And God took you away,
I cried out your name,
Without you, how could I get through a day?

I was with you till the very end.
Until you breathed your last.
Even though my heart may never mend,
In my life, I am thankful for your cast.

In Heaven, where all dogs go,
You can run with freedom,
Across the green meadows,
Without your joints being a burden.

There you can finally be happy,
You eat without having a price to pay
Past each day without a worry,
As i'm sure we will be reunited one day.

I love you endlessly,
And I know you love me too,
With a heart so pure and plenary
And a love so true.

- M to Kola


qwertrew said...

Yr poem is beautiful.

Its always sad when our beloved furkids have to leave us..especially so when we have to make the painful decision of putting them down due to their illness.

I can understand how you feel as my Dinky had stomach cancer and he really suffered during the last few days of his life.

The consolation we can have is they are in doggy heaven and can run freely and have as many snacks as they wish!

Nyx said...

Thank you qwertrew,

I agree with you.. I'm happy that Kola is with God now, but i still miss him so..